What makes Beaujolais so special?

Beaujolais is a well-known wine region in the southern part of Burgundy, France.

The wines of Beaujolais are mainly distinguished by two characteristics; they are made with the single grape variety Gamay using a distinctive wine production method known as carbonic maceration. During this process, the grapes are added to the tank, without destemming, so the bunches at the bottom are being crushed under the weight of the above ones. The grapes at the bottom start to ferment naturally, releasing some carbon dioxide as a by-product of fermentation. The carbon dioxide then goes up and blankets the upper bunches.

As a result of being in an anaerobic environment, the grapes at the top start to ferment inside the berry (intracellular fermentation).

After a few days, the grapes are crushed, pressed and fermented normally.

This primeur wine is particularly appealing to consumers who prefer light red wines with low tannins and is perfect for early drinking. Refreshing, juicy and cheerful with distinct aromas of candied fruit, banana and bubble gum, it is deliciously fresh and tastes even better when slightly chilled.

If ever there was a way to combat any ensuing autumnal blues, a glass of Beaujolais Nouveau is surely one of them. The style is fruity, joyful and fresh – a perfect partner for almost any meal and certainly excellent for just drinking by itself.

A great contrast to the more heavy and complex wines that we may turn our glasses towards as the weather becomes chillier.

With only a matter of weeks between harvest and bottling, there is always a certain sense of anticipation and energy surrounding this “new wine” which will be the very first possible moment for us to experience what this year’s vintage has to offer.

So, what happened with the 2023 vintages?

Spring came quite late, as did flowering but volumes were good compared to the past few years. Harvest dates were a bit more “normal” this year with picking starting in the first week of September. After contending with some summer storms and cooler weather, the sun came out, which helped with the final ripening.

One of our producers had this to say about this years Beaujolais Nouveau.

“Mother Nature has done her job. The grapes were excellent, the team was ready for the harvest, and fortunately the heat wave stopped! After that, it was my time in the cellar to make the best vin primeur I can. I hope you will enjoy it!”
Gautier Marion